Monday, June 02, 2008

Flowering Trees

Flowering Plum Tree

The downside to my line of work is that sometimes I have to travel. The traveling part is not so bad. It's when I get there that things get really ugly. I have to hoist myself into a pair of pantyhose and a business suit when I'm used to working from home in my bunny slippers. I'm not sure what's more painful! The pantyhose or pretending like I care...

Once I return home I get lots of attention. Friends and neighbors take this opportunity to complain about all the things I promised to do that I haven't done.

The cats glare at me. The horse gives me the cold shoulder.

The dog is happy to see me but he stalks me night and day for fear I'll leave again.

Seems the only group that truly loves it when I leave town are the weeds.

It's astonishing how in a week's time happy flowers have grown an inch or two ~ and ecstatic weeds are up to my knees!

Flowering Crab Apple

On the upside, high in the mountains it is late springtime and with it comes the lovely blossoms of my flowering trees.

Most people say you can't grow fruit trees in the mountains. You most certainly can! Provided you grow them for the birds. Plums, Pears, Crab Apples, Cherries, Apples and more flower beautifully in the mountains! Though they rarely, if ever, give you the kind of blue ribbon fruit we humans adore.

This is not a bad thing! Anyone with mature fruit trees can tell how messy they are. In the mountains wild birds will eat all of the tiny fruit the tree produces.

Pantyhose are now available for men. Finally! A clear and meaningful achievement in our ongoing battle of the sexes...


Iron Needles said...

Haha! ...what's more painful? pantyhose or pretending I care... That had me rolling! Thank goodness I work where I can wear jeans. Bunny slippers are not allowed, however. said...

gorgeous flowering trees